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  • Where Do ForeverSweet Deliver?
    We can deliver to, and service most locations in the West Midlands and surrounding areas. We do service all other areas, however costs can be substantial. Carriage for fragile goods such as table centres, candelabras and furniture can be expensive.
  • Can You Offer A Guaranteed Delivery Time?
    Deliveries and collections can be made by our own vehicles on weekends but may be subject to additional charges. Deliveries and collections made by courier are strictly on weekdays only. In some cases, we can provide a guaranteed delivery slot subject to an additional charge, however any failure to deliver before the guaranteed time would not be refundable if caused by an event outside our control, e.g. heavy traffic, bad weather etc.
  • Can I Get My Order Delivered To My Venue?
    This is standard practice for most events. You simply need to provide us with details for your contact at the venue so our drivers and courier partners know whom to ask for when they deliver and collect. All deliveries and collections are made to ground floor only unless otherwise advised. If there’s any special parking restrictions or the goods need to be taken to a specific room please advise us beforehand. The person hiring the goods is still responsible for the order even if the order is delivered to a 3rd party. But please don’t worry. Almost all event and wedding venues deal with deliveries from companies every day so they will have systems in place to look after the goods on your behalf. The most important thing is to communicate with us as to whom your contact at the venue is and let your venue know that we will be making a delivery and collection on your behalf.
  • How Long Does A Hire Last?
    A standard hire is 3 days, so we would deliver the day before your event and collect the day after. For weekend events, your order can be delivered on a Thursday or Friday and collected on the Monday. There is a surcharge when your hire period extends over more than 5 days. The standard surcharge is an agreed percentage of the total order value for each additional day you have the goods. For hire periods longer than 7 days, please contact us for a quote.
  • What Happens If I Need To Increase/Decrease My Order?
    We will advise you. As part of our guarantee, we will never hire you a tablecloth or chair cover without knowing that it will fit your table or chair. Please note we will base our size recommendations on the information you provide. If we're unsure about chair sizes, we will send you samples after you have confirmed your order.
  • Can I Use Your Products Outdoors?
    All of our hire equipment including furniture is solely intended for indoor use only unless expressly agreed in writing beforehand. If you are looking to hire products for outdoor use, please get in touch and we will advise you accordingly
  • Do I Require a Security Deposit. If So What Does It Cover?
    We require a security deposit in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. This is calculated as a percentage of the total value of the order. The deposit covers any damages or missing equipment and is returned to you within 10 working days after we’ve received the goods back from you. In the unlikely event that there is a charge that exceeds the value of your deposit, we will issue an invoice. Please note that the key to avoiding missing equipment is good communication between you, your venue and ForeverSweet.
  • Am I Charged For Linen Stains or Damages?
    In general, we can clean the vast majority of ‘normal’ stains from table linen. ‘Normal’ stains are things such as wine and food spillage and grease stains caused by non-coloured candle wax. As a general rule we will not charge you for cleaning normal stains from table linen. In the event that we can’t clean a piece(s) of table linen, we will try our best to rewash the item but if it proves fruitless we will charge. Please under no circumstances, send back sodden table linen as it will develop mildew and can spread to other items. If there is a serious spillage, keep the sodden item separate and inform us then have it returned to us when it is dry. We won’t treat any linen that is returned with blood, vomit or any other non-consumable material. Please do not return these items and inform your contact at ForeverSweet. Any items that have been ripped, torn or have holes from burning will be subject to a charge.
  • In What Condition Does My Order Arrive?
    All non-linen will arrive clean and ready to use in appropriate containers. Linen is folded and will arrive in boxes. Please note that creases from folding are unavoidable but your linen will be fully pressed and not crushed. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with an item’s quality, please photograph it and inform us before use. We will not issue a refund for a poor quality item if you inform us after it has been used.
  • What Happens After I’m Finished With The Goods?
    Simply pack the goods back into the same containers they arrived in. The containers should be left in the same place where the goods were delivered to ready for our drivers or couriers to collect. Please note that drivers and couriers do not count individual items and will assume all the items have been packed correctly. They are only authorised to check that the correct number of containers are available for collection. A detailed count and inspection of your order takes place in our warehouse once we receive your order back.
  • Does The Hire Price Include Set-Up?
    We are more than happy to quote for set-up and breakdown of your order should you wish to have the same standard of finish as you see in the images on our website. However, the vast majority of venues and caterers can set-up your order to a satisfactory standard.
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